Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Blogging Architects

      Blogging is a living passion. Blogging for me is the extension of myself because blogging permits me to write what I can and can't express.
     I'm new to blogosphere and every time I'm with a blogger/s, blogging now makes my life more interesting and interesting day by day. I do read blogs but I'm so picky, I want to read a blog that is pleasing to my eyes (referring to layout), has a great content, has a touch of HUMOR, has a good quality photos and of course focused in the field of my interests.
     Here are some of my blogging ''architects'': (I call them architects because I've got inspired by them to make my own blog. And I'm now the carpenter who has a hummer and nails to fix my blog)
Robbie Becroft of RobbieOff Duty

The first blog I've ever encountered. His sense of style is bold with swag. A Topman lad from Australia and a model. I found his blog interesting because he is aiming to help inspire more Filipino men to dress well and yes he did inspire me to dress well. Oh, before I forget, his blog has tons of high quality photos. 

David Guison of DGMNL

I'll punch you if you don't know David Guison! LOL. JK. Yes, I'm a big fan of his awesome style. I have to say that David is a big influence in my fashion today, one of my fashion icons indeed. Naks. *Sabog confetti* 

Paul Riyadh Chuapoco of The PR GUY

This guy is a PR. Haha. Hi Paul! This blog is really informative without losing style. Most of the blog posts of this blog are from events, events, brands, brands, coz he is a PR. Haha. Let's move to the PR himself. Paul is a very very very nice, kind, generous, accommodating, helpful, courageous, fashionable, rich guy. I'm a BIG FAN of his formal dressing without losing chicness, I don't know why but he can really  pull it off.  Look like a CEO...NOT!

Gerard Perez of Gerd Perez

When I saw this blog, the first thing that made my eyes big was the Notepad background, why? Because this background is what I like to put in the background of my blog also but since it was already taken by Gerdz, I changed mine. He come up to this kind of background because he wanted to emphasize that he is still a student, he said on Twitter. LOL. This guy also made me realize to layer not too much or too less. Sakto-sakto lang.

Kelly Medina of The Traveling Boots

I'm a big fan of his color blocking outfits plus his shoes especially his Doc Martens Studded Boots and also his DIY projects that he usually did late at night. This guy can really pull off shorts above the knee. (Hope I can make it too.)

Shai Lagarde and Joseph Cham of Love Chic

This blog is full of love and sweetness. The Pink and Blue. I found this blog simple enough to draw a striking statement in the blogosphere. This blog also reminds me of a candy→ sweet, young and free. I personally love these two bloggers. Hi Ate Shai and Kuya Seph!

Mikyle Quizon of Style Division

I found this blog because of Rex Clothing, featured in Rex Clothing FB page I think and also found this because of Dani's tweets. Well, I found this blog and blogger cool and hip. #SOLID

Michael Carreon of Miko Carreon

When you go to this blog, you'll feel that you are strolling around a zen garden, maybe because of his bamboo background, I found it refreshing and young. I'm a big fan of his frames.

Hezron Peralta of Tutelar

I found this blog because of David's blog. This blogger is a photog genius. He took Dave's outfit shots, and according to some of his close friends/bloggers he is their savior. Haha. I never did a one on one talk to him or have some little chat but I think he's nice. Hi Hezzy! (Feeling close. LOL) "Live your life. It's not a dream. I once dreamt of it. Now I am living on it."

Angeline Rodriguez of Wonder Woman Rises

Hi Angel aka The Lil Miss! First to meet this superhero at Rajo's Event, then got to see her again in a little red Chinese dress for the first day of Philippine Fashion Week SS2013 for L'oreal, Thanks again for the invite. LOL. She's nice, cool, nice, cool, nice, awesome, swagger. Naks. She speaks English 99% before, nose bleed. But today, she has already improved, she can speak Tagalog smoothly around 50%. Good job. To her blog, I found it simple and content-wise. It's always a big impact on a blog if its meat is juicy and compact. The blog is more on reviews, reviews and reviews. (I'm so lazy in doing reviews) But this wonder woman knows how to deal with it. 

Camille Co of Camille Tries To Blog

One of my crushes in the blogosphere. Hi Camille! (Shy type) LOL. An ace lookbooker and a famous blogger. I simply like her. Her blog is sophisticated filled with inner and outer beauty plus those pink ribbons around her blog (a girly girl indeed). 

Laureen Uy of Break My Style

The Neon Goddess. She loves neon, print etc. She likes mix and match all the way. Laureen keeps on experimenting every piece of clothes that she could find in her closet. And gotcha, she pulled it off in her way, very Laureen. Her sense of style is unique and loved many of her avid readers, maybe one of the reasons why her blog is one of the top blogs in the Philippines.

Patricia Prieto of Paradigma 

Met this lady rocking her purple ombre hair at Cotton On Screening (If you are reading this, yes, I'm the skinniest model attempted to make it to the final cut. Haha) at Bench Suyen Corp. Head office along with Laureen, Camille and Chuvaness. That time, I don't think that she is a blogger, what I think is that.....she's the daughter of Tessa-Prieto Valdez. LOL. I found her blog simple and classy and classy. On her fashion, I could say that she's unpredictable and flexible without dropping style. I really like her when her fedora is on. I found a savage beauty reincarnated in contemporary period. 

Daniella "Dani" Barretto of Style is Eternal

This blog is living on its name. Eternal. This lass is amazing (Jeje Pose muna). I like her jolly personality and that extends to her fashion statements (Signature Pose muna). I like this blogger personally because I didn't expect that much that she's so kalog. Haha. Hi Dani!

Rovie Divinagracia of The Bargain Doll

Met this girl on the first night of Philippine Fashion Week rocking her Rajo Laurel gown with deadly slit (imagine Angelina Jolie). Haha. This doll is so nice and very accommodating. I will never forget her kindness on that night. Hi ate Rovie!Ay...Rovie dear na lang daw.

Tricia Gosingtian of Tricia Will Go Places 

A girl with Korean beauty. Every time I do blog hopping and drop to this cute blog, Korean vibe is already there. Haha. I don't know why. She's a good photographer, I like the filters she used in her photos, those photos seems treated in a vintage way sprouted in today's time. On her fashion statements, so much oozing appeal in a Korean way. I haven't yet met this blogger but hoping to bump with her. :)
Lissa Kahayon of Scene Stealer

First met this blogger at Cotton On MOA with David. Good vibes is all over her angelic face and that smile...iconic, only Lissa can pull it off. The best accessory she has. Her style exudes chicness and fun personality. 

  Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums  

Found this blog because of Paul's blog. What made me interesting to visit this blog? Of course, the title of this blog. I don't know why but Drowning Equilibriums really appeal to my senses. LOL. Until now, I still don't know the right pronunciation of her name so I call her Ate pax/paxie. Haha. Another blog with white background. Simplicity at its best. This lady never runs out of style. Stylish stylist. Yes. She's doing a great job on Karylle style (Stylist siya ni K.). A+. 

Why eggplant? I don't know. Haha. Ask her. Met this woman on our Fashion Blogging 101 w/ Lovechic. Haven't yet talk to her one on one or little chat in person but she's responsive on Twitter. :) She doesn't look like (insert age here). Swear. It's strange to have a fashionista of this age but yes! she a living fashion and in fashion, there's no requirement. As long as you love to dress up and show what you've got, that's it. I found her style fit and sexy (hello to her Rayban Legend blog post).

Ana "Anagon" Gonzales of The Fashionista Commuter

The Wire Lady. I admire her for her limitless creativity. She turned some pieces of twist-able wires into edgy bracelets, necklaces, rings,  headbands, shoe details, and even a hanger. I can't do such things like these. I'm not patient on things like these. I salute you Anagon. On her fashion sense, I found it sweet and girly. :) 

Adam Gallanger of I AM GALLA 

I'm a big fan of his style→almost all his looks plus the hair (I want to have a 'galla cut'). He's beyond awesome. Another fashion inspiration. His blog is like a daily printed magazine of men's look. I found him on LookBook, being the top male lookbooker. His looks/styles are flexible and he doesn't stick to one, he always experiment without dropping swagness (Hi frosty hair tips).

     Thank you guys and gals for inspiring me to do my own blog. It's very hard to put up a blog but because of you guys, it became a dream come true. The thoughts, ideas, bits of advice from you all are highly appreciated. This blog will have a long journey and I just want to say Thank You. This is another chapter of my life that I enjoy and you are part of this. Thank you God for helping me. :)


  1. thanks babe! mmmwah! muchos gracias!

    1. My pleasure! Kelan iaannounce ang Premio?

  2. thank you Karl for this! :) Photog genius? Hahaha. I don't think I deserve that label though :)

  3. thanks Karl! :) Photog genius? I don't think I deserve that label though. hehe :)

  4. Haha. Thank you for pointing out that my Tagalog kinda sucks. Lol. I'm touched that you included me in this! :) Hope you succeed in the blogging world!

    P.S. May I please borrow your skeleton shirt and Harry Potter glasses sometime? Pang outfit shot lang po :D


    1. You deserved to be here. Haha. Thank you. Sure. Just tell me when.