Friday, March 8, 2013

Swensen's presents Strawberry In Love

     MOUTH-WATERING. The perfect word to describe the newly addition to the exciting ice cream flavor selection offered by Swensen's Philippines. The said ice cream sundae shop hosted again another exciting food-tasting event for food bloggers and the media last March 5 (Tuesday) at SM Mall of Asia where their pioneer store was located. 

   This time, the international ice cream sundae shop introduces “Strawberry In Love,” with two new delightful products sure to make your heart melt.

    History of a thing always catches my attention. Let me take you from the time when Swensen's is still young and freezing cold. Swensen’s was first established in 1948 by Earle Swensen, who opened his first ice cream parlor in San Francisco and eventually made a name for himself—concocting more than 180 flavors of ice cream, which dubbed him as America’s “Ice Cream Man.”

   The latest incredibly delectable sundaes on Swensen's menu focused on bringing together two killer combos—strawberries and chocolate, both in yummy plates sure to leave you craving for more.

   First of the two is the Strawberry Chocolate Lava—made with scrumptious chocolate lava cake, topped with cold fudge, strawberry syrup, and fresh strawberry fruits. This is finished off with a scoop of strawberry ice cream, some whipped cream, and almond slices.

   The second is the Strawberry Crepe—a mouth-watering combination of crepe with cold fudge, scoops of whipped cream, blended strawberry toppings, and topped off with almond slices, fresh strawberry slices, and icing sugar.

   With branches now open in Eastwood Mall and SM Mall of Asia, there’s no doubt that Swensen’s Philippines is more than ready to spread the love with the lineup of Strawberry In Love sundaes available in both stores. 

     Let's move on the store's design, interiors, some of my artsy "photography" happened on the event plus photo dump on how we enjoyed the experience.
Framed Ice Cream Sundaes on their walls make the store unique 
and the tag line "Ice Cream is My Life Since 1948" 

Valentine's Day is not yet over. I fell in love with this rose and to someone. LOL

I called this "Vandal Glass". Well, I liked how this glass was designed, it's entertaining for me.

I found these Spoon and Fork, a sweet couple. *kilig*

Wide selection of ice cream flavors by Swensen's Philippines. HEAVEN. 

And when the waitress handed the menu of the new flavors, here's my reaction. 
Not happy right? Blame that big, WIDE smile. LOL. I'm so excited that time. 

     Digging some sweets like ice cream would not be that so sweet without sharing it with your friends. So, here's my company on that day. We all indulged our selves to gigantic scoops of ice cream. Isn't it fun? 

Kim, Duane, my cousin Grace and DJ

Soperman, Kim and Grace

Soperman, Duane and DJ

Daryll and Kim aka "Love Shit". (Kim coined that not me. LOL)

With bloggers Gerd Perez and Angeline Rodriguez

     And the event hasn't yet ended, we were able to meet one of the owners of Swensen's Philippines, Ms. Lizzie Guerrero who also brought Old Spaghetti House and Grilla Bar and Grill together with her business partner Mr. Chito Guerrero. 

     "Swensen's has been a popular watering hole in our neighbouring countries Thailand and Singapore. Knowing that most Filipinos are born with sweet tooth, as well as discriminating taste of ice cream that is also value of money, we felt that Swensen's will be a craze in Manila." adds Lizzie. 
Ice Cream Army.Duane, Kim, Soperman, Ms. Lizzie Guerrero 
(one of the persons behind Swensen's PH), DJ and Daryll

     And another round of rich-tasting ice cream has landed on our table. It is an ice cream with a punch of rice. YES! Rice! We all know that Filipinos' staple food is rice, and Swensen's idea of combining sticky rice to ice cream is genius. 

Presenting "The Ultimate Ricecream Sundae"

I found the waiter's uniform so fashionable. The red "vandal" tie said it all.
 I also commend their staff's alertness, politeness and good vibes. 

Neil Armstrong RiceCream Sundae had a smooth landing.

A closer encounter. Whipped cream, caramel syrup and sprinkled with almond. I'm speechless. 

Pa-cute version and Shocked version. Who did it better? #laughs

Uh-oh. DJ, the photo bomber. Caption this. 

My favorite frame. I found this one, classic. It's like Mona Lisa, but the Ice Cream version.

     I will definitely go back here because they offer not just ice cream sundaes but also happiness to every scoop of delectable dessert that will suffice the sweet tooth of every Juan Dela Cruz. 

     To know more about Swensen's Philippines and also to receive updates to their next store opening or new flavors, check their FB Page ( and Twitter Account (@SwensensPH).

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